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In order to closely replicate the workplace experience in a class, BMU has adopted an ‘outside-in’ approach to curricula planning and design. It has integrated basic academic concepts with industry’s real needs and challenges faced by the world at large. The industry is playing a key role in this regard: co-designing the curricula, providing faculty resources and making available the latest learning tools and educational technologies.

A hallmark of the BMU curriculum is a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach that encourages a broad-based pursuit of knowledge across disciplines – natural sciences, pure sciences, humanities, arts and social sciences. The curriculum has also been designed to impart a vast array of life skills such as critical thinking, presenting, negotiating, conflict resolution, ethics, good citizenry and social etiquette. This will ensure that BMU’s engineering, management and commerce students evolve into well-rounded, responsible individuals with multi-dimensional capabilities that are critical for working successfully in the world of today and tomorrow.

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