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  • Internet of things

    Electronics & Communication Engineering has come a long way mainly due to automation and connectivity which it enables. IoT refers to the interconnection and network of devices and transmitting data over cloud. This leads to plethora of opportunities in Rural & Urban Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Transportation/Traffic Management, Manufacturing, and Smart Housing/Buildings/Cities etc.

    Why BMU

    Specialization in IoT aims to bridge the gap between traditionally taught subjects like “Embedded systems, Networking, Signal Processing, aspects of VLSI/SoC” and “Big-Data/Analytics along with Cloud and ubiquitous computing”. We intend to generate a skill-set to address the needs of the emerging trends in the space of Internet of Things powered with State of the Art labs by industries like Microsoft, Intel, Zenatix and foreign Universities like University of Berkely and many more.


    Smart homes – controlling temperature, entertainment systems and electronic devices from one single panel/unit
    Wearable technologies – smart watches are classic example of IoT
    Smart cities; Driverless Cars; Health Care; Energy Management: Smart Meters

    Career Opportunities

    • Professionals in Sensors and Actuators
    • Communication networking engineers
    • Embedded Programs Engineers
    • These engineers are further classified as
    • IoT Developer
    • IoT Architect
    • IoT Consultant

    Prospective Companies
    Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Intel, IBM, ARM, Wipro, Qualcomm, Accenture, Zanatix, GE Appliances, CISCO, HCL, TCS, Nokia, L&T InfoTech, AWS, Untrodden Labs etc .

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