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  • The Mechanical Engineering (ME) syllabus of BMU aims to introduce the basics of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering subjects along with their applicability to build and enhance machines for various industries.

    The course provides in-depth knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, hydraulic machines and material science along with their application on design, build, programming and manufacturing process integrated with advanced knowledge of computer software to provide sophisticated mechanical solutions for human and industrial needs.

    The course particularly focuses on topics such as machine kinematics, design, and manufacturing process along with dedicated coursework to enhance the creativity, sequencing and problem-solving skills of the students. The course also aims to develop competency and proficiency of global industry standards among students through real-time learning opportunity via the Practice School.

    During the Practice School sessions, students get a chance to interact with industry experts while working on real-time projects and gain significant industry insights along with adequate on-site technical experience. Students also get an opportunity to build a network of industry professionals, mentors and references that will guide them, to advance in their professional career quickly.

    This multidimensional and innovative curriculum strives to develop all-around project management skills such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling to help the students to develop into highly qualified professionals.


    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveJoy of Engineering1023
    SkillCommunication and Presentation Skills2023
    FoundationWorkshop Practice1043
    FoundationComputing Fundamentals & C3024
    Semester Total Credits23

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveWorld Civilizations2002
    FoundationData Structures3024
    SkillWriting Skills2023
    FoundationEnvironmental Studies3003
    FoundationBasic Electrical and Electronics Practice2023
    Semester Total Credits23
    InternshipPractice School -I1

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveCritical Reasoning & Systems Thinking2002
    FoundationEngineering Drawing & Computer Aided Graphics1043
    SkillEtiquette and Conversational Skills2002
    CoreEngineering Thermodynamics3104
    CoreEngineering Mechanics3003
    CoreEngineering Materials3024
    Semester Total Credits22

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveEmerging Life Sciences2002
    FoundationEmerging Material Science and Applications3003
    CoreMechanics of Solids3024
    CoreComputer Aided Design2023
    CoreApplied Thermodynamics-I2023
    CoreManufacturing Process – I3024
    CoreFluid Mechanics& Hydraulic Machines3024
    Semester Total Credits23
    InternshipPractice School -II6

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveUnderstanding Business2002
    SkillSelling, Negotiating, and Persuading2002
    CoreKinematics of Machines2023
    CoreMachine Design & Drawing3024
    CoreManufacturing Process – II3024
    CoreHeat and Mass Transfer3024
    Core Elective3003
    Semester Total Credits22

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveContemporary Challenges: Societal & political2002
    Open Elective3003
    CoreDynamics of Machines3024
    CoreIndustrial Engineering3003
    CoreApplied Thermodynamics-II3104
    CoreManufacturing Process – III3024
    Core Elective3003
    Semester Total Credits23

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveInnovation & Entrepreneurship2002
    PerspectiveGood Citizenry2002
    Open Elective3003
    CoreOperations Research & Optimization3104
    Core Elective3003
    Core Elective3003
    Core Elective3003
    Semester Total Credits20

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    InternshipPractice School-III18
    Semester Total Credits18

    Course Title
    Production Planning & Control
    Control System
    Non-destructive Testing
    Automobile Engineering
    Finite Element Method
    Supply Chain Management
    Energy Conversion
    Mechanical Vibrations
    Introduction to CFD
    Flexible Manufacturing
    Alternative fuel for transportation
    Fracture mechanics
    Renewable Energy
    Quality Control
    Micro Machining
    Artificial Intelligence

    Please Note: The course curriculum is subject to revision.

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