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  • CodeBasisNet Benefit
    MS-A1JEE (Main) Rank / Advanced Rank up to 25000100% of tuition fee + 100% accommodation
    MS-A2JEE (Main) Rank from 25001 to 5000075% of tuition fee + 75% accommodation
    MS-A3JEE (Main) Rank from 50001 to 7500050% of tuition fee + 50% accommodation
    MS-A4JEE (Main) Rank from 75001 to 10000040% of Tuition Fees
    JEE Main PercentileCriteriaScholarship Slab
    97-100Jan JEE Percentile Based100% of Tuition Fees + Accommodation*
    94 – <97Jan JEE Percentile Based75% of Tuition Fees + Accommodation*
    90 – <94Jan JEE Percentile Based50% of Tuition Fees + Accommodation*
    85 – <90Jan JEE Percentile Based40% of Tuition Fees
    80 – <85Jan JEE Percentile Based25% of Tuition Fees
    70 – <80Jan JEE Percentile Based10% of Tuition Fees

    * Accommodation is provided on sharing basis. Electricity and AC facility will be paid on actuals by the student

    BMU offers scholarship to students based on JEE percentile (JEE 1 & JEE 2) / JEE ranking – which ever is the best of the two. This is applicable for all applicants.

    IB Score range (out of 45)B.Tech
    40 and above100% Tuition Fee
    37-3975% Tuition Fee
    34-3650% Tuition Fee

    *Please note that lab or practical marks will be included while calculating scholarship for B.Tech students.


    • Terms and condition would apply for all scholarship plans.
    • Limited scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the above criteria, interview performance at the sole discretion of the Admission and Scholarship Committee.
    • Scholarship are not guaranteed to all the candidates fulfilling all the criteria.
    • Please note that lab or practical marks will be included while calculating scholarship for B.Tech students
    • There are limited number of scholarships which will be served on a first come first serve basis.
    • All scholarships will be awarded at the sole discretion of the selection committee only after the final offer admission is made and accepted.
    • To maintain scholarship, students will have to maintain
      • Maintain a CGPA above 7 for B.Tech
      • Maintain above 80% attendance
      • Not face any disciplinary action throughout the entirety of the programme
    • The management reserves the right to change the scholarship policy as per their discretion.
    • Scholarship will not be awarded to candidates who do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria.
    • Scholarship will not be awarded to candidates who do not meet the above eligibility criteria.

    Haryana Domicile Scholarship

    • 25% seats for admissions in the university are reserved for students of the State of Haryana, out of which 10% seats are reserved for students belonging to Scheduled Castes of the State of Haryana.
    • The fee structure for the twenty-five per cent of the students who are domicile of Haryana shall be based on merit-cum-means and be as follows:
      • One-fifth of the twenty-five per cent shall be granted full fee concession;
      • Two-fifth of the twenty-five per cent shall be granted fifty per cent fee concession;
      • The balance two-fifth of the twenty-five per cent shall be granted twenty-five per cent fee concession.

    BML Munjal University announces “Early Cycle Scholarship” for new applicants applying for Under Graduate Programs for the Academic Year 2019.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • This scholarship is applicable for all Under Graduate Programs offered at the University.
    • There is no change in Eligibility criteria and Admission Process remains the same for all students

    Selection Process

    • You are required to submit your completed and paid applications to the University online before 30th April 19
    • You have to clear the eligibility criteria and admissions process laid out by the University
    • You must meet all conditions outlined in the offer letter (for those offered).


    • The Early Bird Scholarship entails 20% Scholarship on First Semester Tuition Fees. 
    • Advantage of receiving an admission decision from the University well in advance so that you are able to ace your exams with peace.
    • You will be able to get the preferred choice of specialisation and also higher chances of getting into the program as this would be at the early stage of Enrollment cycle.  But you need to clear the eligibility criteria and admissions process laid out by the University.

    Other Terms & Conditions

    • This is a one time scholarship eligible only for the first semester and is not extend to other semesters.
    • You will not be eligible for 2 scholarships at any given point of time.  In case you are eligible for other Merit Based Scholarship, you will be offered the best of two eligible scholarship
    • You will be required to pay the Registration Fees within 10 days of roll out of offer letter

    Deadline for completing Application Online is 29th June 2019.

    If you wish to study at BML Munjal University and want to take advantage of this scholarship opportunities, please Click Here to apply now or speak to our counsellor at 1800 103 6888.

    Hero MotoCorp Educate to Empower ‘E2’ Scholarship

    BML Munjal University recognises excellence in education and encourages its students to be the best in their chosen field. The university offers ‘E2’scholarships* to selected students in 8 separate disciplines who have consistently performed well and have been the top rank holders in their respective cohorts.

    Educate to Empower ‘E2’ scholarships will cover tuition, boarding, and lodging costs. In the first year, scholarships worth 35 lakhs were awarded to the deserving students.

    HERO MotoCorp ‘Hamari Pari’

    BML Munjal University offers ‘Hamari Pari’ scholarships* to meritorious female students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who have maintained an exemplary academic record throughout their 1st year at the university.

    In the first year, scholarships worth 25 lakhs were awarded to the deserving students.

    Note: * Scholarships are awarded to pre-existing students.

    Defence Ward’s Scholarship

    The Defence Ward’s Scholarship is for the wards of serving and retired armed forces officers and other ranks.The services that have been included are the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. For more details click here.

    * Terms and Conditions apply for scholarships

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