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  • The BBA General course syllabus at BMU aims to develop sound understanding of business and economic practices of both domestic as well as international industries and markets in the students.

    The students are equipped with the knowledge of business structures and functions through the study of subjects such as organizational behavior, business operations, business management, financial management, accounting fundamentals, and essentials of marketing.

    The BBA General course subjects are carefully designed to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the students by teaching them about fundamentals of entrepreneurship, innovation business ethics, business strategy, and complex problem-solving abilities.

    The course also focuses on the writing, presentation, communication, and critical reasoning skills of the students and provides them with the opportunity to expand their mental horizons through the study of philosophy, logic, liberal arts, environment and society.

    Additionally, through the medium of the Practice School sessions, the course helps the students to apply their training in real life management projects and work under the supervision of business leaders. This ensures that by the end of the course the students have not only gained a sound understanding of business and trade practices, they are smart, industry-ready individuals who can take on the business world with confidence.

    BBA (Gen) 2019-2022

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1FoundationMicro Economics*4
    2FoundationMathematics for Business*4
    3FoundationIntroduction to Psychology4
    4CoreFinancial Accounting with Tally4
    5CoreBusiness Organization and Principles of Management4
    6SkillsWriting Skills3
    7PerspectivePhilosophy and Logic*2
    Total Credits25

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1FoundationMacro Economics*4
    2FoundationIntroduction to Sociology4
    3CoreBusiness Analytics (Statistics) *4
    4CoreCost and Management Accounting4
    5SkillsCommunicating and Presenting Skills*3
    6PerspectiveJoy Of Innovation3
    7PerspectiveEnvironmental Studies and Disaster Management2
    Total Credits25
    Industry Visit (2 Weeks)non-credit

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreOrganizational Behaviour*4
    2CoreEssentials of Marketing*4
    3CoreOperations Management*4
    4CoreUnderstanding Industry & Markets4
    5SkillsEtiquette and Conversational Skills*3
    6PerspectiveLiving Literature and Arts3
    7PerspectiveWorld Civilizations2
    Total Credits24

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreHuman Resource Management*4
    2CoreBusiness Law*4
    3CoreFinancial Management*4
    4CoreLeveraging Information Technology for Business4
    5CoreMarketing Management4
    6SkillsCritical Reasoning & Systems Thinking2
    Total Credits22

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreLeadership and Ethics*4
    3ElectivesElectives (4×2=8)8
    4PerspectiveMarkstrat Simulation3
    5SkillsProblem Solving and Consulting Skills*3
    6SkillsResume Writing and Career Skills2
    Total Credits24

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreInnovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking4
    2CoreInternational Business Management*4
    4ElectivesElectives (6×2=12)12
    5SkillsSelling, Negotiating, and Persuading Skills*3
    6PerspectiveContemporary Challenges* (Capstone)3
    Total Credits28

    Please Note: The courses are subject to revision.

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