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    Program Outcomes

    1. Apply Business knowledge :- Gain in depth understanding of various management disciplines and apply the concepts for business decision-making.
    2. Diverse Perspective :- Integrate diversity and multicultural perspectives in business decisions making.
    3. Cognitive Skills :- Utilize quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate and solve complex business problems by planning and conducting research for Investigation with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship :- Apply tools and techniques across multiple disciplines to create innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.
    5. Empathetic and ethical leadership :- Demonstrate social responsibility, teamwork, life skills to lead organizations ethically.
    6. Effective Communication :- Communicate effectively across all levels and society at large.

    MBA Admissions 2024

    Admissions Closed

    Foundation Courses

    Foundation courses in the MBA programme are non-credit courses that will help students build strong fundamentals.

    Core Courses

    Core courses in the MBA programme will help students grasp theory and business fundamentals, building a firm bedrock of understanding in subjects such as Industry, Accounting and Finance, Organisational Behaviour, Management, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Business Law.

    Skill Courses

    Besides acquiring discipline-related technical competencies, students will also acquire a range of life skills needed to be successful at the workplace: Presenting, Communicating, Critical Reasoning, Etiquette and Conversing, Problem Solving & Consulting.

    Perspective Courses

    Perspective courses will help students see the larger picture, contextualize problems correctly, and acquire a better understanding of the core. Some examples of such courses are World Civilisations, Critical Reasoning, and System Thinking.


    Students would be required to undergo an industry internship at the end of the first year. The internship enables a student to apply the knowledge they received in the first year to a real-world situation.

    MBA (Full Time) Syllabus & Subjects

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Foundation Basics of Accounting and Finance (Need based) 0 20
    Foundation Essentials of Communication (Need based) 0 20
    Foundation Developing Business Acumen  (Understanding Industry and Markets) – I 0 16
    PJOE Personal Journey for Excellence (PJOE) – EI and Personal Effectiveness 0 10
    Core Joy of Management 2 32
    Core Business Statistics 2 32
    Core Marketing of Products and Services 2 32
    Skill Excel Spreadsheet Modelling 2 32
    Skill Accelerating Creativity and Innovation 1 16
    Total Credits and Hours 9 210

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Foundation Developing Business Acumen  (Understanding Industry and Markets) – II 0 16
    Core Organizational Behaviour 2 32
    Core Managerial Accounting 2 32
    Core Economics for Managers 2 32
    Skill Data Management and Business Intelligence 2 32
    Skill Developing Case Study Skills 1 16
    Total Credits and Hours 9 170

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    PJOE PJOE – Self-Discovery and Career Choices 0 10
    Core Managing Financial Resources 2 32
    Core Business Research Methodology 2 32
    Core Operations Research 2 32
    Core Human Resource Management 2 32
    Skill Business Communication & Presentation Skills 2 32
    Total Credits and Hours 10 170

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    PJOE PJOE – Decision Making under Uncertainty 0 10
    Core Management of Design 2 32
    Core Managing Operations and Supply Chain 2 32
    Elective Elective-1 2 32
    Elective Elective-2 2 32
    Elective Elective-3 2 32
    Total Credits and Hours 10 170

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Project Summer Internship – 08 Weeks 6

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    PJOE PJOE – Employability Enhancement 0 10
    Core Strategic Management 2 32
    Elective Elective-4 2 32
    Elective Elective-5 2 32
    Elective Elective-6 2 32
    Elective Elective-7 2 32
    Total Credits and Hours 10 170

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    PJOE PJOE – Work Ethic Skills 0 10
    Project Capstone Simulation 2 32
    Elective Elective-8 2 32
    Elective Elective-9 2 32
    Elective Elective-10 2 32
    Elective Elective-11 2 32
    Total Credits and Hours 10 170

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    PJOE – Integrative Thinking Skills 0 10
    Elective-12 2 32
    Elective-13 2 32
    Elective-14 2 32
    Elective-15 2 32
    Total Credits and Hours 8 138

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    PJOE PJOE – Leadership Development 0 10
    Core Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes 2 32
    Skill Problem Solving and Consulting Skills 2 32
    Project Applied Business Research/Sankalp- Social Entrepreneurship Project/Live Project/MOOCs Capstone Projects/Business Venture 4
    Total Credits and Hours 8 74
    Total Credits and teaching hours in the program 80 1272

    Number of Courses Category Credits Weight
    4 Foundation 0 00.0%
    8 PJOE 0 00.0%
    14 Core 30 35.0%
    6 Skill 8 12.5%
    3 Project 12 15.0%
    15 Elective 30 37.5%
    50 Total Program Credits 80

    MBA Electives

    Marketing Finance Human Resources  Business Analytics Operations and Supply Chain Management Entrepreneurship Strategic Management Forensic
    Consumer Behavior Advanced Corporate Finance Talent Acquisition and Management Advanced Business Research Lean Six Sigma Corporate Entrepreneurship Knowledge Management Accounting and Auditing (KPMG)
    Sales and Distribution Management Indian Banking and Financial Markets Compensation Management Programming for Analytics Project Management Social Entrepreneurship Innovation & Strategy Fraud Risk Management (KPMG)
    Data Visualization for Managers Audit Practices  & Risk management Data Visualization for Managers Data Visualization for Managers Data Visualization for Managers Data Visualization for Managers Managing Organization Change Fraud in Digital Environment (KPMG)
    Brand Management and IMC Derivatives and Financial Risk Management Industrial relations and labor legislation Business Process Automation with MS Excel Global Supply Chain Management Bringing Ideas to Market Project management – consulting, cross functional management in corporates Legal and Regulatory compliance (KPMG)
    Marketing at the bottom of the Pyramid Business Valuation and Financial Modelling Performance Management and Competency mapping Predictive Business Analytics Industry 4.0 Family Business Dynamics Corporate governance, crisis management, legal
    Service Marketing Mergers and Acquisitions Conflict & Negotiation NLP and Text Analytics Service Operations SME Funding Strategic analysis/alignment/alliances
    Digital and Social Media Marketing Wealth Management Building Capability for Performance Ecosystem for Big Data Anaytics Operations Strategy Managing Technology & Innovation Strategic performance management & Balanced scorecard
    Luxury Management Private Equity & Venture Capitalists Organizational Structure &Design Prescriptive Business Analytics Advaced Inventory Control Business Model and Intellectual Property Strategic Planning, Positioning, Business Execution
    Marketing Metrics Treasury and Forex Management AI & Human Resource Management Business Applications of Analytics Total Quality Management Venutre Funding Effective business strategy & leadership
    Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Analyzing & Mitigating Risk Employer Branding Applied Machine Learning for Business Applications Operational Leadership Succession Planning Management skills
    Content Marketing Fixed Income Securities Strategic HRM Advances in Analytics (Self Exploration & Entrepreneurial Opportunities) Integrated Management System Legal Aspects of Venturing
    Relationship Marketing Algo Trading Strategies Cross-Cultural HRM Business Simulation
    Online Repuation Management Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies HR Analytics Multi-criteria Decision Making
    International Marketing Behavioral Finance and Technical analysis Managing & Leading Organizational Change Navigating Business Value and Growth with Analytics

    BMU offers a set of electives in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud (in association with KPMG).

    • The entire set of electives should be taken by students for being considered for placement with Forensic Practices at the BIG 4 companies (KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, E&Y)
    • Students upon successful completion of the set of electives shall earn a certificate from KPMG
    • MBA First Year Syllabus: All students study common courses – the required curriculum – in the first year divided into four modules of 8 weeks duration. The first-year MBA Syllabus comprises 21 core, skill, and perspective courses spanning all areas of management.
    • MBA Second Year Syllabus: In the second year, students take up a broad range of core, skill, and elective courses. Elective courses give students the flexibility to extend their learning to subjects beyond the core. They will have the option to study courses in Information Systems, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Operations.

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