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    With the strong core value of our founder group, BML Munjal University emphasizes the holistic development of its students into ethical leaders, who would create a positive impact on themselves, their organizations and society at large. In due alignment with this vision of the university, Career Guidance & Development Centre (CGDC) has done considerable engagement programmes with the industry to support students for an enterprising career path. A robust holistic approach over the years has produced many successes and significant growth in overall placements of the University.

    Since its inception, various MBA, BBA / B.Com & B.Tech batches have graduated from BMU. Their consistent growth with a set of preferred companies is one of the major highlights of our placements.

    We have experienced significant increments in the Average packages (Overall, Top 10% & Top 25%) & Highest packages offered to each batch, and consequential progress is observed in 2020 placements so far.

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    Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC) Team

    The Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC) welcomes the ‘best in
    class’ Future Employers to handpick BMU’s industry-ready students.

    Be in Good Company!

    BML Munjal University has established itself as a hub for well-prepared, talented graduates. Some of the best companies in the world recruit our students every year.

    Our Student Community

    Origin: Pan India
    Rich Amalgam: Cultural, Ethnic, Educational
    Fit for: A Dynamic Global, Environment

    Our Endeavor

    To steer students towards Academic excellence and continuous innovation

    Our Focus

    Holistic development of all our students

    What we do

    Active engagement with industry

    • Organise industry visits | facilitate internships
    • Make industry ready professionals

    Organise in-house technical and soft-skill trainings

    • Personalised training

    Mobilise industry support across course streams

    • Facilitate Practice School (internship) opportunities pan India

    Analyse éach student’s strengths and weaknesses

    • Personalised career-counselling
    How we do it


    • Ensure employability of all students in Premier Companies

    Student-CGDC Team

    • Ongoing engagement and dialogue throughout the year

    The students are encouraged to discuss their goals

    • Preparing personal development plans accordingly

    BMU in association with a renowned partner Zykrr conducted a research/survey titled “Navigating Workplace Turbulence” sets out to capture the determine the outlook of CHROs vis-a-vis the current status of work, hiring outlook, expectations from new recruits, expectations from education in grooming the next-gen talent pool, skills to focus on, etc.

    BML Munjal University (BMU) and Zykrr together curated this Survey in August 2020. In total, 139 HR professionals from leading firms shared their perspectives on the hiring forecast across different industries post Covid-19 normalcy, the skills, and attributes required for the students in the post-pandemic world to survive and thrive in our corporate ecosystem. The results of this survey were analyzed in-depth before generating this Study built on data insights.

    Download the “Navigating Workplace Turbulence” survey report.

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