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    International Academic Alliances

    BMU has collaborated with some of the best global universities. The collaborations ensure that students get the best learning experience which is modern, experiential and truly global. These universities provide assistance in a wide spectrum of activities which include:

    Development of Curriculum and Programme Structure

    The curriculum is ‘globalized’ to ensure that the students get the best education which is internationally relevant and makes them future-ready.

    Research Opportunities

    These international collaborations enhance our research capabilities, encouraging students to engage in research as a potent form of learning by doing.

    Immersion programmes

    BMU students have the unique opportunity to study courses at our partner universities, giving them a unique first-hand experience in the global education environment

    Guest faculty from partner universities

    Top-notch faculty from these universities take subjects at BMU, enriching students by bringing in additional perspectives to research and academics

    Industry Partnerships

    BMU is creating an enabling environment for a sustainable industry-academia partnership. The objectives being to bridge the gap between industry needs and available skills, expose faculty to latest industry trends and practices, and most significantly, help students pick up industry-relevant skills and knowledge, thereby improving their employability prospects.

    BMU is leveraging an ecosystem around a large and diverse set of industries and corporate organizations. BMU has inked an alliance with Siemens; and more partnerships with leading organizations are in the pipeline. This ecosystem will benefit students as they will get exposure to real industry working. Besides application-oriented education, structured learning opportunities at industry locations are embedded in the DNA of BMU. BMU is working closely with industry on curriculum design, learning tools and educational technology. Guest speakers and visiting faculty from industry will give lectures on campus and conduct technology specific webinars, seminars and workshops.

    Students will undertake site visits at industry locations and enroll for internship school courses throughout the duration of their programme. The internship will be supervised by BMU faculty and an industry mentor. This internship would be taken as a course credit and the grade so earned will count towards the cumulative GPA. Also, senior industry experts would participate in the faculty selection and recruitment process; and faculty training and development programmes.

    Centres of Excellence

    Industry partners will also be establishing Centres of Excellence on campus so that an empowering teaching-learning environment is created for students and faculty alike. The critical components of this eco system will be the latest technology platforms, real-life projects, collaborative learning, team work, hands-on learning and leadership development. The first such centre is being set up by Siemens PLM Software.


    • Institute of Inclusive Innovation (I3)
    • BMU Incubation Foundation - Propel (ACIC)
    • Institution Innovation Council (IIC)
    • Professorial Chair
    • Centre for Advanced Material and Devices (CAMD)
    • Siemens Centre of Excellence (SCOE)
    • Centre for Financial Markets
    • Centre for Sustainability and Social Responsibility
    • AIMA - Bizlab

    Workshop of the Future

    The Workshop of the Future will also play a key role in imparting practical, industry-oriented experience to students. Here, students under the watchful eye of industry and BMU faculty will be able to conceptualize, design, produce and test real-life products. This experience will help them bridge the gaps between theory and practice, and classroom and the workplace.

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