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BMU Ambassador Programme

BMU’s Ambassadors are a select group of students who are a link between prospective students and the university.

They represent the diversity of BMU’s PG & UG Programme and its students.

Support university’s mission of bringing the best and brightest students into the programme

Are there to answer any applicant’s questions while sharing their own experiences at BMU, whether through Campus Visits or via e-mail.

Serve as contacts for ‘Life at BMU’ and also share their insights with the prospective students.

Provide campus tours, organise classroom visits/attend a lecture, host lunches and coffee meets, and organise special admissions events throughout the year.

Once a new student is offered admission, she/he gets connected with one of our Student Ambassadors. The ambassadors act as new students’ Buddies and help them get acquainted well with the university.

Previous year Ambassadors attest that they have found participating in the Programme rewarding as they got an opportunity to meet and connect with a wide range of people – industry experts and students, and build links across the Business School.

For current students

We are always looking for excellent students to join our ranks.

If you’d like to apply and join the Programme, please contact

For prospective students

If you’d like to connect with one of our Student Ambassadors to learn about BMU :

  • Classes
  • Student Life or the BMU Experience
  • Pedagogy
  • Different Programme
  • Benefits of Experiential Learning

You could email us on

If you’d like to arrange for a
Campus Visit

  • UG
  • PG


Arpit Lohia BBA - KPMG 2017
I'm Arpit Lohiya currently pursuing BBA in association with KPMG - batch 2017. I'm an Extrovert, I love watching movies and listening to music. I'm a social media enthusiast.

Akshita Lomsh BBA - KPMG 2017
Akshita Lomsh, a 3rd-year BBA(KPMG) student, also the Student Placement Coordinator, an artist for spare time, a marketing whizz; writes blogs, and sometimes her pen glides across the paper and bam! - Poetry.

Sarthak Mittal B.Com (H) 2017
I'm a second year student currently pursuing An ambivert who's passionate about football and food.

Harsimrat S.Kohli B.TECH - CSC 2016
The emphasis on learning by doing is something every University should endorse. I am proud that BMU challenges conventional methods of teaching and stands out while making its way into the premier Institutions.

Yelamarthi Geethika Chandana B.TECH -CSC 2017
I believe one's effort is everything. While working towards a better me and getting all serious about career, Fun and Friends help me live in the moment.Always exploring places,people and their stories.

Shreya Jain B.TECH - CSC - 2016
Explorer, Jack of all trades, sociable, and a friend in need. Given the chance, I'd not hesitate to try new things. I am curious.A quote that sums up my demeanor: “Being a dreamer I wish I could fly, take some colors and paint the sky”

Suvesh B.TECH - MEC 2016
I would describe myself as a determined and a curious person. It explains my willingness to push myself out of the comfort zone and try new things, which I believe is very important for skill and personality development. This attitude towards life has helped me exponentially expand my horizons.

Jonnavithula Chandan B.TECH - ECE - 2017
Introvert in existence and master of perseverance.keen to explore the nature. I love to capture the essence of nature and store it in the form of photographs. I also draw my heart out and prefer to be an artist of a passion. Enjoy working for the need.

Hitesh Varma B.TECH - CSC - 2016
I am as introverted as I am loud. My love for reading and movies make up my world. Music makes up my soul. Technology intrigues me like nothing ever could. Consequently, I'm curiosity driven and highly riveted to exploration. I am also profoundly thoughtful.

Srikar Palavarapu B.TECH - CSC 2016
I'm Srikar, Studying B. Tech-Computer Science Engineering, I am someone who’s highly adaptable. I can adjust to new situations very easily and I find that the challenge of having to learn is half the fun

Stuti Sharma BBA KPMG - 2018
I am a people-person. I like to interact with new people and know more about them. I'm a naturally outgoing, conversational person. I'm passionate about my work because I love what I do.

Harshit Gupta BBA KPMG- 2018
Keen observer, ardent traveller and a fun loving person by heart. A person who believes in being creative with approach but also doesn't hesitate in causing trouble to keep the learning curve growing. Vivacious individual and an extrovert by choice.

Arihant Jain B.Tech - CSC - 2018
I am a person full of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. A passionate photographer trying his hands on drama as well. I am a foodie by nature with an appetite for travelling, painting and engaging myself in new experiences everyday.

Riya Garg B.Com (H)- 2018
I have been interested in taking up responsibilities since I was in high school. So, it taught me to grab opportunities that comes my way. Socializing with people is my habit and I love to do that, Always keen to have new experiences. A little childish but not careless.

Shivang Ahuja B.Tech - CSC - 2018
Happy, hearty and hardworking I'm a 19 y/o tech- savvy with a very high Josh. You'll probably find me working on my laptop or eating somewhere. With "Talk less, Do more" as my motto I live with the vision of being the next "big thing" (not talking about my 6'2 height).

Deepika Bisht B.Tech -CSE - 2017
I am a natural leader and eventually been ascended to a leadership role nearly in every responsibility because I savour encouraging people. I am an ardent person, love dancing and basketball, also ambitious and motivated and thrive on challenge.

Mohammad Daim B.Tech - CSC - 2018
I am a good listener at the same time I can give sound advice. Ideas and thoughts are what I search in people. Punctuality is a trait I believe I have. Management has been something I have been blessed with and I work to make it better each day.

Madhur Garg B.Tech -ECE - 2017
Esemplastic hence engineer. Laconic hence writer. Aesthete hence human. Averse to chaos, I believe in sorted and peaceful going. Books and food are my Nepenthe. Antonym of monotony, I believe in multitasking and constantly work to improve myself. On a coddiwomple towards my aspirations.

Nikhil Yadav B.Tech - MEC - 2018
I'm a social butterfly. I adore meeting new individuals and finding out about their lives and their experiences. I can quite often discover shared view with outsiders, and I like making individuals feel good in my essence.

Akshita Sachdeva B.Tech -ECE - 2018
I am an avid poet and musician.Also, I am eager and driven. I blossom with test and always define objectives for myself, so I have something to endeavor towards. I'm not happy with settling, and I'm continually searching for a chance to improve and accomplish enormity.

Vishwak Reddy B.Tech - CSE - 2018
A Simple guy with a complex brain and a pinch of sarcasm. And thats what I do: I observe and I know things.

Vishal Bharadwaj B.Tech - CSC - 2018
Life can be viewed as presenting "an endless series of opportunities". So I'm an opportunist. “Without music, life would be a mistake”. So I love and compose music.

Anirudh Jilla B.Tech - CSC - 2018
I am a cool generous guy and a social thinker. I like to receive and deal with challenging tasks. I try to matter. I try to be someone you recognize. Somebody happy. Somehow me.

Srinidh Jilla B.Tech - CSC - 2018
I’m An Ambivert who is known for being a great listener and clear communicator,I respect values, I seek for joy rather than pleasure. I try to keep my ego under check and also always conscious about my actions. I love exploring.

Parikshit Palsania B.Tech - CSC - 2018
I am 19 years old positive and funny person. I love talking to different type of people and making them happy. I have good leadership qualities and like taking responsibilities. I like everything to be well organized. You can call me anytime to play sports especially badminton.

Manas Yadav B.Tech - CSE - 2018
I am a 18 year old chubby boy who would be working hard for anything other than studies. I have a entrepreneurial mindset and can be found with my headphones on, roaming around.

Mridul Gupta B.Tech - CSC - 2018
Success often happen to me. I ain't funny but my friends say that.


Gouri Nikhila Ponnuru MBA - HR 2017

Ayushi Agarwal MBA - MARKETING 2017


Sudeep Kaur MBA - MARKETING 2017

Rubal Rathi MBA - MARKETING 2017

Devvrat Diwan MBA - MARKETING 2017


Jayadeep Sai Kunchay MBA - MARKETING 2018

Kartik Kalyani MBA - MARKETING 2018


Namala Bhavani MBA - OPERATIONS & MARKETING 2018

Nikita Singh MBA - FINANCE 2018

Pranittrisha Chaplot MBA - HR 2018

Pratik MBA - MARKETING 2018

Raghav Khunteta MBA - FINANCE 2018

Rahul Singh Rathore MBA - MARKETING 2018

Sanchi Arora MBA - HR 2018

Shubham Paliwal MBA - BUSINESS ANALYTICS 2018

Sneha Seth MBA - FINANCE 2018

Suyash Deep MBA - MARKETING 2018

Tanya Tewari MBA - MARKETING 2018

Utkarsh Gupta MBA - FINANCE 2018

Yatin Bangiya MBA - MARKETING 2018

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