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  • Faculty vs Research Areas – SOM & SOEC

    NameDepartmentResearch Areas
    Amit BaggaFINANCEIFRS, Stock Market, Wealth Management, Wealth Advisory
    Jaskiran AroraACCOUNTING & FINANCEEarnings Management, Higher Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, Problem Solving
    Jaya AhujaHRMWork Life Integration, Sustainable HRM, Organizational Climate & Virtual Teams
    Payal KumarHR & OBDiversity & Inclusion, Gender Studies, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Dysfunctional work Behaviour, Leadership & Followership
    Rik PaulMARKETINGServices Marketing, Internet of Things (IOT), Innovative Pedagogy, Consumer Behaviour
    Ritu ChhikaraMARKETINGRelationship Marketing, Sustainability Marketing, Sensory Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Retail Management, Branding
    Ruchi GargMARKETINGRelationship Marketing, Sustainability Marketing, Consumer Brand Relationship, Sensory Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Branding
    Sangita ChaudharyFINANCEAsset Pricing, Behavioural Finance, Earnings Management, Corporate Finance, Sustainability Operations
    Subaran RoyECONOMICSEconomic Growth, Foreign Direct Investment, ICT, Applied Econometrics
    Swetasree RoyINTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (IR)Conflict Processes – Domestic & International, Political Economy, Comperative Politics, Environmental Policy Making
    Vaishali SharmaMARKETINGMarketing and International Business, Supply Chain Management/Reverse Logistics, Remanufacturing
    Vishal TalwarMARKETINGIndustry 4.0, Consumer Ethics, Product Placement, Branding

    Faculty vs Research Areas – SOET

    NameBroaderResearch Areas
    A.K. Prasada RaoMechanical EngineeringElectron Microscopy; Alloy design; Solidification Processing; Recycling; Metal Casting, Thin-film deposition; Development of advanced materials using Thin-Film deposition techniques, Computational Modelling of Manufacturing Processes of various Alloys and Composites (using ANSYS, COMSOL multi-physics etc.,), 3D printing of Metals/ Alloys
    Amiya Kumar DashMechanical EngineeringIndustrial safety, Stability Analysis of Mechanical Structures, Design and analysis of equipment/system, Bio-Mechanics, Application of AI for fault Diagnosis
    Abhimanyu Singh RanaApplied Sciences- PhysicsLow dimensional materials (Complex Metal-Oxides), Large Area Flexible Microelectronics, Spintronics and Resistive Switching Memories, Nanoelectronics and Nanometrology, Thin films and coatings
    Ajay Kumar SoodMechanical EngineeringComputational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent flows, Drag reduction (internal/external flows)
    Akhlaq HusainApplied Sciences-MathematicsNumerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Element Methods, Boundary Layer and Eigenvalue Problems, Problems on Perforated Domains, Parallel/Scientific Computing
    Amarjit RoyElectronics & Communication Engineering Image Processing (Image denoising, medical image processing especially).
    Amarnath BheemarajuApplied Sciences-ChemistryOrganic Electronics
    Anubhav AgrawalElectronics & Communication EngineeringMathematical Modelling of Electrical/Physical Systems, Power Electronics and Drives, Power Electronic Converter Controlled Electric Drive (particularly AC Drives), Electric Vehicles, etc.
    Arijit MaitraApplied Sciences-ChemistryComputational Materials Science, Computational Chemistry, Molecular simulations (MD, ab-initio, Monte Carlo)
    Arijit MaitraApplied Sciences-Life ScienceComputational Biology and Biophysics
    Ashok SuhagElectronics & Communication EngineeringVLSI and more precisely on Design for testability (DFT), Low power VLSI Test.
    Bipin SinghApplied Sciences-Life ScienceBioinformatics and Computational Biology, Computer Aided Drug Design
    Brij Bihari DubeyComputer scienceWireless networks, Wireless ad-hoc networks and Database Management
    Deepti SharmaLanguage & Liberal ArtsAcademic English
    Goldie GabraniComputer scienceData Analytics and Distributed Systems
    Jayakrushna SahooComputer scienceData Mining, Machine Learning, Cryptography (Digital Watermarking)
    Kalluri VinayakMechanical EngineeringProduct Design and Development, Mechanical system Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Thin films, flexible electronics and Sensors.
    Kamal Kant JainCivil EngineeringConcrete Technology, Structural Condition Assessment, Construction Management, Sustainability and Durability of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures and Green Buildings, Sustainable Infrastructure, Life Cycle Assessment
    Kiran KhatterComputer scienceSoft Computing, Requierments Engineering, Cloud Computing, Mobile Security
    M B SrinivasElectronics & Communication EngineeringHigh speed logic design, VLSI Arithmetic and Bio-Medical signal processing and circuit design
    Maheshwar DwivediMechanical EngineeringSheet metal dieless forming; sustainable machining; mechanics and dynamics of cutting process; cutting tool analysis and deep learning for robotics
    Manoj AroraCivil Engineering Computer scienceLand Cover Mapping, Hazard and Risk Studies and Landslide Hazard Zonation, Digital Image Classification, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Remote Sensing and GIS applications and Global positioning systems
    Meenakshi AgarwalElectronics & Communication EngineeringDigital/Analog Signal processing, Digital Filters, FPGA Implementation and VLSI design
    Mukesh MannComputer scienceComputational Intelligence 1. Metaheuristic Algorithms and their applications,
    2. Fuzzy logic
    3. Neural Network
    Nandita ChoudhuryLanguage & Liberal ArtsAcademic English, English as second language, Diverse Communication and technology in different media , Techniques for Multilingual documents analysis
    Neeraj KumarMechanical EngineeringExperimental Characterization and Finite Element Modeling of Composites, Microstructure Modeling, Metal Matrix Composites, Fibre Reinforced Composites, Thermomechanical Behavior of MMCs, Impact and Damage Behavior study of Composites, Nano-composites 
    O.S.PanwarApplied Sciences-PhysicsAmorphous / micro and nano silicon based solar cells, Synthesis of graphene and its applications, Silicon based thin film transistors, Carbon based materials for field emission, Graphene and graphene based composites for sensor applications
    Pradeep AryaComputer scienceCloud computing, GIS, Operating system, Software engineering
    Purnendu PandeyComputer scienceInternet of things
    Rajesh YadavComputer science5G Technology:  Secure D2D Communication, Mobility Management in 5G Network Slicing
    Rajiv DeyElectronics & Communication EngineeringAdaptive control , Embedded Systems
    Ranbir SinghMechanical EngineeringMechatronics & Automation, Electrical vehicle, Safety Engineering, Design and numerical analysis of equipment/ systems/ devices, Flexible Manufacturing System/ Agile Manufacturing
    Ranjib BanerjeeApplied Sciences-MathematicsNonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Synchonization, Complex Network, Computational mathematics, Statistical modelling
    Ratna SanyalComputer scienceNatural Language Processing, Techniques for Multilingual documents analysis and Technology development related to Digital Library issues and Software requirement engineering & Testing using Natural Language Processing and Machine learning
    Richa SharmaComputer sciencesoftware engineering, NLP, Applications in data science, Computational linguistics
    Rishi AsthanaApplied Sciences-MathematicsHydrodynamic Stability, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling
    Sanjay KashyapApplied Sciences-PhysicsMicrostructure-property correlations, photovoltaics/renewable energy and alloy developments for structural applications. materials characterizations using SEM, TEM, XRD, thermoelectric materials, thin film based devices, nanomaterials. photovoltaics/renewable energy and alloy developments for structural applications
    Sanmitra BarmanApplied Sciences-ChemistryMetal oxide nano-photo catalysts for water remediation, Water oxidation to produce hydrogen as a green energy source, Photocatalysis and proton reduction, Energy storage materials
    Satyendr SinghComputer scienceNatural Language Proceesing
    Shuvabrata BandoapadhayaElectronics & Communication EngineeringMassive MIMO (Wireless Communication), Heterogeneous Networks (Wireless Communication), Waveform coding for 5G (Wireless Communication), millimeter wave technology (Wireless Communication)
    Soharab Hussain ShaikhComputer scienceComputer Vision/Image Processing, Biometrics, Applied Machine Learning
    Sridharbabu YarramaneniApplied Sciences-PhysicsSuperconducting wires and devices, Water remediation -resolving problems due to textile industries wastes, Coating on medical devices
    Sudip SanyalComputer scienceCognitive Modelling, Machine learning and Information Retrieval
    Sumit RoyMechanical EngineeringIC Engine and Emissions, Alternative Energy Sources for Transportation, Optimizing Advanced Combustion, Numerical Simulation using CFD, various artificial intelligence techniques, Hybrid vehicles
    Sunil GuptaComputer scienceCryptography & Network security (Information, IP & Web security), Computer Networks (Network Protocols and Architecture, Network Management, Security), Big Data and Cloud Computing (Data Management and Security), Wireless Sensor Networks (Secure Sensor Networks), Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Service Discovery, Resource Management, VANETs)
    Surya PrakashMechanical EngineeringSupply chain design and optimization, Industry 4.0, Design and analysis of  inspection tools for oil and gas pipeline, Electric vehicle design, simulation, optimization and mass adoption studies 
    Sweatasree RoyLanguage & Liberal Arts International and domestic conflict processes, International institutions, Political economy, Comparative political systems, Environmental policy making
    Tabish RasheedApplied Sciences-PhysicsOrganic electronics, Organic solar cells, thin films, Computational Chemistry
    Ziya UddinApplied Sciences-MathematicsComputational Fluid Dynamics, Soft computing and Optimization, Mathematical Modelling of highly non-linear phenomena in engineering, Applied numerical methods in engineering, Numerical solution of partial differential equations, Nanofluids, Heat pipes, Cooling of industrial machinery and electronic devices 

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